Among these graffiti is the name of someone I love
Matsuo Bashō

"Glitch #1"

Titus Hora, 2014
€ 5,020.00

New Media, Edition of 10
100 x 100 x 0 cm
Digital on Aluminium

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"Glitch #1"

"Glitch #1"

"It is failure that guides evolution; perfection offers no incentive for improvement."
-Colson Whitehead

Glitch is a process driven exploration of the conceptual and aesthetic qualities of what are considered to be undesirable consequences of the accidental, the unplanned and the unexpected.
The conceptual connotations of glitches are mostly negative: glitches interfere with, and upset, the smooth and predictable outcome of a well planned course of action.
Starting with well planned out compositions and color schemes the images were run multiple times through noise and randomness introducing algorithms that managed to reveal unexpected suggestions for possible visual ideas and directions to follow.

Each image from this series of 9 is an invitation to reflection and quiet contemplation.

The image is provided with a hanging mechanism on the back.

"Glitch #1"
"Glitch #1"
"Glitch #1"

Titus Hora

Titus Hora is a Canadian artist, designer, programmer, and machine learning developer. He has received his Master's Degree in Architectural Arts from UNArte in Bucharest, has studied Printmaking & Sculpture-Installation at O.C.A.D. in Toronto, and 3D Computer Animation at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Subscribing to a process driven, mostly abstract formalism, Hora´s work is an exploration of the symbolic reverberations engendered by the retinal. He is orchestrating intelligent, compelling and complex, baroquely rich compositions, possessing the emergent aesthetic qualities of procedural and generative approaches to image making, and a deeply rooted connection with the totality of human condition as it plays itself out against the backdrop of contemporary socio-economic structures.

By focusing on meaning and by touching the deep, spiritual essence of what makes us human, Hora’s work is a conceptually and formally challenge to the vapid contemporary art condition.